Lip life saver 

BRRR! It’s cold today in London and we are all feeling it today, I know I am. I’m all for wrapping up in this weather as it gives me a chance to wear all my scarves I knitted myself, plus my hats. However, I know my skin has to be protected against the cold weather, which I do well with my moisturising lotion. Although, it also important that I look after my lips as I know they are more exposed to the weather than anything else. So, I am glad I have this Aloe Lips as it’s a lifesaver for my lips, plus it is multi purpose because you can use it on dry cuiticles which is another reason why it doesn’t leave my handbag. 

So this is my lip life saver, which is yours ? 


Be the best version of yourself

I know we all have days when we winge about our imperfections, what we don’t like and what we would like to change about your bodies.  I know I have in the past, which lead me to try every diet fad in the book and eating more and less of something. In  my teens and most of my twenties I wanted to be taller,  have longer legs , smaller waist, smaller hips and skinnier arms ( you see the long list of wishes I had ). I even used to research what the right weight for my height and what percentage of fat my body should have, it got to the point that I would stress myself out. Despite the fact I was leading an active lifestyle with regular gym visits, classes and walking when I could I felt it wasn’t enough.

However,  when I reached my thirties and I finally decided enough was enough ( plus my mum was getting tired of me asking where the scales were ).  I was doing the best I could to stay in shape and I was leading a healthy enough life for ME. I attend the gym when I can,  keep active by walking as much as possible and eat a balanced diet to suit me and not everyone else.  Yes I eat junk food (I crawled at 3 months for food, what can I say ?) sweets, chocolate and drink the occasional cider, but who doesn’t indulge? You are allowed to treat yourself for being  who you are, living how you  want to live and if it means munching a malteeser bunny on the bus then so be it.

There is one thing that has always stuck in my mind when I was trying to figure it all out, is an ex work colleague who was an anorexic sufferer. One lunch time she mentioned to me how important it was to her to try and eat, especially breakfast.   She said she had to make sure ate something  as at times she would forget to eat. I  remember being sat there thinking about the irony of her telling me to eat properly to aid the body with enough fuel, ‘only silly people skip breakfast she told me . Since then that has always stuck in my mind and I make breakfast the most important meal I can have for the day.

So ladies and gents if you’re reading this, take a deep breath and say to yourself be the best I can be. If you want to change or improve, do it by all means but make sure it is for you and no magazine or anyone else.  I hope everyone can find something they like about themselves even if it’s the length of your arm, the colour of your hair or the way your bum looks in your jeans. Whatever it is, treasure and be the best version of yourself. I am now 37 and it has taken me over 20 years to do that ( yes that me is in the picture last year on holiday. It has taken me that same amount of time to let someone take a photo of me in a bikini ) . I know everyone out there can do it .


Gym? You don’t need to go

fb_img_1467712407716When I was younger I went to the gym on a regular basis and attended every, tone, flatten, pump and conditioning class . I loved it ! However when my routine changed and I had to fit my gym routine around it. This resulted in less visits but I didn’t care, just as long as I was going was all that what mattered.

During that time I always remember hearing the same phrase, ‘You don’t need to go gym, you’re well slim’ (I’m a size 10). Even now I still hear it and think what actually defines a person who needs to use the gym? Is it someone who wants to improve their health? Feels uncomfortable in their clothes or it is just a case of enjoying the gym and working out ?   My reason is a combination of three and more if I really thought about it.    However, whatever size you are and for whatever reason you decide to use the gym, the only thing that should define your reasons  is your motivation and working towards a better you.

Walking and walking

fb_img_1453367711813Ever since I was  6 months I have been walking. I will happily  walk anywhere,  even into glass doors when I am not paying any attention ( another story ). Recently my boyfriend changed his phone  and started to use the same  health app as me. One day we challenged each other to walk  100k steps over the course of 7 days, me being a quick stepper I thought I would win but I didn’t and neither did he. We ran out of time over the week and it became a draw. We wasn’t amused, but having said that we both walk up  escalators,  go for your long walks at the weekend has also my boyfriend has noticed his back and leg feel stronger  (sciatica sufferer ) . So 100k or no 100k, we have both won in some sort of way and taken steps in the right direction to keep walking and walking   (Sorry I couldn’t resist ).

Feeling better

fb_img_1472718961138Everyone knows that when it comes to the darker and winter months, you can feel a bit blah and energy levels are low. The fact that you get up in the dark sometimes and go home in the dark, can actually make you feel that your stuck in a tomb or someone has hit the pause button on a 1980 video cassette tape. One morning last week I actually put on two different colour ugg boots and had to run back home, anyway back to what I am actually talking about. For years I didn’t like feeling tired in the morning and be prone to the latest cold. Plus I wanted to improve my immune system. So, A year ago I began drinking aloe Vera gel. The Aloe Vera is pure and has many benefits, biggest for me was seeing the difference in my energy levels, skin, hair and nails. Plus I have convinced my mum who is a ibs sufferer to drink it and she swears by it . So a year on I have benefitted lots, but still wake up in the dark and go home in the dark, but I haven’t put on two different coloured boots so that’s something I suppose 😎