The heat is on


It comes as no surprise to most of us that if we lead an active lifestyle , our muscles start to ache after heavy activity. You have those days when it feels like you have tiny little drummers drumming on your  muscles, especially when you are climbing stairs .  I know mine do after I use the gym or sometimes walk long distances, like the other day when I walked 4 miles (another story).

Anyway it is always a good idea to look after your muscles as they need repairing after you use them every day, especially during the cold winter months when you need to keep your muscles warm. Plus there is always the possibility that you can experience short or long term damage if not well looked after .

So, as I like to try and lead an active life this heat lotion is just what i need. Not only is it good for aching muscles,  but i also uses it as a decongestant if I get the dreded cold.  I know when I get a cold, it heads straight for my chest and head, which makes sleeping a battle which makes me a cranky lady (not good ).

The heat lotion also has an added bonus as the aroma doesn’t linger for days  (no one wants want to smell menthol all the time ) and is gentle on my skin. I remeber in the past I have used other  brands of heat lotion and they  felt like my skin was on fire, which isn’t the greatest feeling if you want to ease your muscles .

Since discovering this heat lotion I have recommended it to close friends and family, who now swear by it. One of my friends says it part of her ‘Lergie survival kit’ (lol…sorry haven’t heard that word since I was at school ) .  Therefore when  I have to nurse my aching muscles after a touch workout at the gym or a long walk or if I get a chesty cold, this lotion helps me  right out.