Cleanse out 

So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to get my energy levels back up again, stop feeling a little sluggish and wash out all the crap I had eaten over the last few weekends.  I chose to follow the ‘Clean 9 ‘ , a 9 day programme which is aimed to cleanse and detoxify the body as well as help you kick start your health and well being. I followed the clean 9 before so I knew what it entailed so there was no feeling dubious or scared. Another reason I was relaxed is the clean 9 is based around the aloe vera drinking gel, which i drink on a daily basis. The aloe gel is amazing and done wonders for me (but that is another post)

So I began, followed the clean 9 with drinking the gel, taking the supplements (which helped with metabolism, energy and fat burning ) eating healthy and if course drinking plenty of water. With following the plan, I enjoyed the shakes and really stripping away from all the fatty foods and cider (mmmmm cider) I had enhaled.

After the 9 days and still managing to fit in my gym visits,  I felt the difference. I slept better, got a little glow back in my skin and lost a few inches on the way, which was a bonus.  Now that I feel better, I am making sure I keep to my balanced eating and getting myself back on track. 

So now my energy levels are back to normal, whi knows what I am going to do next 😎


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