Water on the go 

I have always enjoyed drinking water and I will admit it. Fizzy drinks make me burp, drinks you need to dilute are too sugary for me and I’m not a great fan of alcohol. So water it is.  Water works for me as it keeps my skin 

Seeing as I am always on the go and like to drink my target of 2 litres a day, I like to keep water in my bag as I am out  and about or at work. At first I was huge bottles offree every day and drinking it, sometimes refilling it up at work if needed. However soon I found it costly ended up spending a lot a week  on just water. Until I was introduced to the Brita Sports bottle.

This useful invention for me is just what I need as I can fill up wherever I go, it has a filter inside to purify the water and I save money as I don’t need to spend on buying bottles of water on a daily basis.

My bottle lives in either my gym or daily bag and I love it. I just drink, fill up and go.  The biggest advantage for me is I can keep track if how much I drink a day and sometimes drink more 


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