How my skin survives

Everyone has a skin survival kit. A save my skin range of products which help us feeling and looking human. Like so many others it is important to me that my skin is looked for, as you get older a lot of changes can happen to your skin and for me I like to look after it the best I can.
So hence my survival kit, armed with moisturising lotion, hand and face wash, lip gloss, hand sanitiser and aloe shield deodorant. These bad boys are my saviour and keep my skin  as healthy as possible, as well drinking water daily and getting as much sleep as I can

Each of these serve a different  role.  The moisturising lotion is multi purpose for me as I can use it as a make up base or just every day care for my hands as well as my face. The hand and face wash which sits on my sink, is ideal for  my skin and it not only keeps it’s moisturused but I know a few who use it for their dry skin and other skin irritations. The aloe sheild is great for me as a deodorant, the lip gloss  is my best friend and the hand sanitiser never leave my handbag.

So this is my kit which keeps my skin in check, what’s yours ? What keeps your skin looking healthy?